About Us

Pursuing a Symbiotic Living with Our Environment

Man is the most dominant species on Earth. Our population exploded in such a fast-ball manner. We consume to live. Our selfish ways have brought appalling damage to our environment. We uprooted the trees, polluted the bodies of water and the air. After we graduated from those activities, we are now building nuclear plants to sustain our needs for energy. When the very thing we built to solve our problem turned away against us, we continue to build them. For what? Stop-Kernenergie aims to be a voice of nature. Our organization is not afraid to show the public the harsh reality we are in. Nature has given us clues on how a good environment can co-exist with us. It has given clues on how we can continue to thrive without eliminating everything we touch. Let’s adapt to symbiotic living. When we take, we should also give back.


Start Making a Difference No Matter How Small

Radical changes happen in small scale. There is always a starting point. The change could start with you. When we unite to make a difference, we could all have an Amsterdam holiday. Our small voices can be loud when joined together. Stop-Kernenergie believes that the starting point is from within. Let’s start making a difference no matter how small. Support organizations like us who strive to be the eyes for the pressing issues our society ignore. We only have one Earth. We should protect it no matter what the cause.